SEC-T - 0x0Compute

September 19-20, 2019 – Stockholm, Sweden

SEC-T 2016 Sum-up

We would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who helped make 0x09:SEC-T 2016 such a successful event. Our great speakers, organizers, sponsors and of course the audience. We managed to squeeze a lot more than usual into the venue and we everyone performed meticulously under these circumstances.

We are currently finishing up the last of the economy and going through the invaluable feedback we got. And since we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary next year we will be making announcements early on.

This years best speaker by popular vote is awarded to Ulf Frisk for his talk on direct memory attacks on kernels. Quite impressive to see someone do three live demos on a 30 minute talk slot flawlessly. Certainly worth an extra 1000€ for the effort.

As you might know already, we had some technical mishaps on the video front, you who managed to watch the stream live, consider yourself lucky. The stream we thought would be safely stored in the YouTube cloud seems to be helplessly lost because it exceeded the maximum safe length. Something we should have seen if we had read through the entire forum archives before we started. Next year we will make a local backup of the stream to prevent this problem.

Save the date for next years 0x0Anniversary SEC-T 2017, which will take place on September 14-15, include a return of the Community Night on the 13:th and feature two 2-day workshop days for some in-depth training on the 12-13:th. To be announced ASAP.

We have decided to stay at the venue Nalen next year, try to expand the number of tickets a little based on the numbers from this year, but it will be a full house so get your tickets early.

There are also some early plans to extend our 0x0Anniversary event across the internet more next year, so if you or anyone you know is running a hack-space anywhere in the world and would like to know more please contact us. More information on this will come.