9-10th of September 2021

Spring Pub 2017

The ice is slowly melting outside and it’s almost that time of the year again.

When we started SEC-T we realized how far it was in between the conferences and that we were not alone dreading the long haul until we get to socialize again. Thus we created the spring pub event.

This year the spring pub event takes place on Thursday, April 27:th and we are again trying out a new pub in search of the perfect venue for our particular style of event. The location this year is Torsgatan, Bonnierhuset (Entry Lokstallsgatan 1) and we will open the doors at 17.00.

The first 150 people to arrive can expect wraps and drink tickets as usual, but our sponsors will of course have more tickets to hand out during the evening.

As always there will be some talks on stage and we will make this years announcements about the Anniversary edition of SEC-T so make sure you don’t miss out on the fun.

Make sure to register below so we know you are coming!

Wanna speak? There will be four smalltalk/lightning talk slots available for those who feel like they have something interesting to share. Some slots are already taken but if you know you want to give a talk (5-30min) please send an email to [email protected].