9-10th of September 2021

Birthday coming soon

As most of you might have seen we are sold out earlier than previous years. To be sure we have mixed feelings about this, we are very happy that so many see the value in what we are doing. But at the same time we are getting flooded with emails and tweets asking how to get a ticket. Currently if you visit our ticket system there is only the option to buy Training tickets (which includes a conference ticket), but we are going through our system to find if there are in fact more spaces to fill this year. Should there be any tickets left we will announce this.

The ticketing system wasn’t really designed with training in mind so that’s why it can look slightly confusing. We are sorry for the inconvenience this causes. We feel your pain.

It is also currently two weeks to the event this year and we got overwhelmed by the number of quality submissions we received this year. Many of which said they would be willing to speak at the Community Night (Wednesday the 13:th). Therefore we decided to expand the Community Night event to have 5 talks. As always the Community Night is a free event with no registration required so we hope to see those missing a ticket there. And we would suggest being on time (17.00) as the room might get full.

The video stream will be up sometime during the Community Night as well and run through the entire event for those who want to follow us on YouTube.

When you arrive on Thursday morning be sure to bring your ticket, you should have gotten a link to where you can download your ticket containing a QR code that we must scan for you to get access to the event. We have currently expanded the event as much as we believe it is possible at this venue and we hope for your help making it run as smooth as possible.

We will release more information in the days to come.


The SEC-T Organizers