SEC-T - 0x0Compute

September 19-20, 2019 – Stockholm, Sweden

News at Spring Pub

The SEC-T Spring Pub is just kicking off in Stockholm and for you who are not able to be there here is the information being presented.

First of all we’ve made an invitation video for the SEC-T 2017 Anniversary! Share and enjoy!

If it’s still early enough and you’re planning to show up at the Spring Pub at 19.00 you can still catch all of the evenings lightning talks. At present time there are four registered speakers, of which one is a short live recording of the new Podcast “Säkerhetssnack”.

As is tradition, the ticket sales to this years SEC-T Conference are also open now so if you need an Early Bird ticket you should probably hurry up before they are gone.


There are also a few announcements regarding this years SEC-T, namely:


Spring Pub 2017

The ice is slowly melting outside and it’s almost that time of the year again.

When we started SEC-T we realized how far it was in between the conferences and that we were not alone dreading the long haul until we get to socialize again. Thus we created the spring pub event.

This year the spring pub event takes place on Thursday, April 27:th and we are again trying out a new pub in search of the perfect venue for our particular style of event. The location this year is Torsgatan, Bonnierhuset (Entry Lokstallsgatan 1) and we will open the doors at 17.00.

The first 150 people to arrive can expect wraps and drink tickets as usual, but our sponsors will of course have more tickets to hand out during the evening.

As always there will be some talks on stage and we will make this years announcements about the Anniversary edition of SEC-T so make sure you don’t miss out on the fun.

Make sure to register below so we know you are coming!

Wanna speak? There will be four smalltalk/lightning talk slots available for those who feel like they have something interesting to share. Some slots are already taken but if you know you want to give a talk (5-30min) please send an email to [email protected].


Planning for SEC-T 2017

It is early now a cold early February and it is hard to imagine what the end of the summer will look like. But we organizers are already fast at work with planning and preparing for this years SEC-T conference.

Last year was an awesome event and as you may already have heard, we have decided that changing venues would be tantamount to changing a winning concept. (Also it would probably end up generating a lot of unnecessary costs from having such a large new arena to make mistakes in.) So we will be staying at Anrika Nalen for this years conference as well.

This year however is something special for us, as this year marks the 10 year anniversary of the SEC-T conference. Ten years ago some of us decided that traveling far and wide for a decent con was, not only one of the highlights of the year, but also a frustration over how poor the Swedish conference selection was. And a lot of hard labor, sweat and silly, but costly mistakes later, we believe to have constructed a pretty decent floating ship. Something that our faithful and well behaved audience as well as returning top speakers can attest to.

So how can we make this year something special, I hear you ask. Well, apart from the obvious and increasing the audience with another 50 seats (yes it will be tight) we have resolved to embrace a larger portion of the venue to provide a community and lounge area. We also realize that we made a blunder with last years video recording and this year we will not only be streaming live 24×7, providing interviews with the speakers between talks, making sure everything is properly recorded, but also make sure we have proper interaction with those watching the stream.

We have also frequently gotten requests for organized training session, so we will give this concept a serious go this year as well. The days leading up to the conference there will be a few two day, in depth training session for a small number of students who want to learn about specific topics. We are going to hold the classes small to ensure every student getting proper time for questions and guidance. We will announce when the sessions  and the tickets are available.

The ticket sales for this years SEC-T will start during the annual Spring Pub Event on April 27:th. Venue will be announced shortly, but if you already know you have a lightning talk you want to present, please send us an email and we’ll jot you down for a slot. (As always lightning talks are a maximum of 15 minutes and as always may not be used for marketing commercial organizations or products.)

If you are interested in helping out or being a part of making this years conference something extraordinary. If you have a project, are a part of a hack space, run a security related interest group or anything else that could be interesting to collaborate around, please contact us at [email protected].

After all this year will be something very special, for this year is…



Getting started 2017

The cold is still gripping here in Sweden and still no sign of spring. But in our minds it is already on SEC-T 2017 this September and we are eager to find this years speakers and trainers.

So if you think your research will be finished by September and you would love to come present it, or if you just have lots of awesome material and always wanted to come to Stockholm Sweden. Now is your time to act! Read our Call for Papers for more information.

If you are a trainer / teacher with a one or two day training courses and would like to perform them in Stockholm in conjunction with this years SEC-T. We would be delighted if you sent us your material too. See our Call for Teachers for more information.

SEC-T 2016 Sum-up

We would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who helped make 0x09:SEC-T 2016 such a successful event. Our great speakers, organizers, sponsors and of course the audience. We managed to squeeze a lot more than usual into the venue and we everyone performed meticulously under these circumstances.

We are currently finishing up the last of the economy and going through the invaluable feedback we got. And since we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary next year we will be making announcements early on.

This years best speaker by popular vote is awarded to Ulf Frisk for his talk on direct memory attacks on kernels. Quite impressive to see someone do three live demos on a 30 minute talk slot flawlessly. Certainly worth an extra 1000€ for the effort.

As you might know already, we had some technical mishaps on the video front, you who managed to watch the stream live, consider yourself lucky. The stream we thought would be safely stored in the YouTube cloud seems to be helplessly lost because it exceeded the maximum safe length. Something we should have seen if we had read through the entire forum archives before we started. Next year we will make a local backup of the stream to prevent this problem.

Save the date for next years 0x0Anniversary SEC-T 2017, which will take place on September 14-15, include a return of the Community Night on the 13:th and feature two 2-day workshop days for some in-depth training on the 12-13:th. To be announced ASAP.

We have decided to stay at the venue Nalen next year, try to expand the number of tickets a little based on the numbers from this year, but it will be a full house so get your tickets early.

There are also some early plans to extend our 0x0Anniversary event across the internet more next year, so if you or anyone you know is running a hack-space anywhere in the world and would like to know more please contact us. More information on this will come.


Post conference news

Thank you for making SEC-T 2016 another wonderful experience and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we do.

We are currently sorting up the aftermaths and making preparations for next years event. More information on this will follow shortly. But as always the weeks after SEC-T are quite intense as us Organizers have to catch up with our regular work again, but please be patient.

Our videos this year seem to have run into a minor problem. We are not sure yet how big the problem is, just that we are unable to reach the videos stored by YouTube at this time. If anyone has a good contact within YouTube that you think might be able to help us with this issue please contact us at [email protected].

The link to the broken video is


Speaker feedback form!

Please give us feedback on our speakers here!

Almost time now…

Just a few more days to 0x09:SEC-T 2016 and we are in the pipe! 5×5!

Tickets are sold out and there will be no tickets available at the door. However, if we find tickets stuck in the machine somewhere we’ll release them all on Wednesday morning 08:00 CET så check back then.

The venue for those who missed it is again anrika Nalen. Very central and very easy to get to. See map below.

We really hope to see you already at the Community Night for some nice talks, some mingle and a few beers.  All the speakers and organizers will be present, even if we will be busy arranging and preparing for the conference. Community night is a free event open to everyone with an interest in information security, hacking etc. For more information see the schedule.

On Thursday morning we would like you to try to be on time for registration, there will be no pre-registration this year so everyone has to line up and be scanned, so please do not forget your tickets or you might have to wait for manual processing.

The venue is going to be a bit more packed than usual, but if the last few years have been any indication we are sure you will be able to handle the sharp turns and tight ship we’re known for running.

There will be coffee and sandwiches in the mornings, coffee throughout the day, fruits and lunch as well as a dinner for those who wish to stay for the Club SEC-T event.

The Club SEC-T will be open for the public from 19.00 and we hope you’ll at least stay for the quiz, but you really shouldn’t miss the live acts, the Vive VR rig, the Quake LAN or just the awesome atmosphere.

Most of the talks at 0x09:SEC-T 2016 as well as the live acts during Club SEC-T will be live streamed over our YouTube channel if you don’t have the possibility to attend. (As always this probably won’t be visible from Germany for some reason, sorry.) While the Community Night will not be live streamed, we will be testing the equipment at the same time so who knows what will happen…

We are, as always very excited to make this event happen and looking forward to seeing all of you again!

“Welcome to the SEC-T!”


The SEC-T Organizers

The Community Night Event

Since the SEC-T conference is a paid event we understand that there are many potential attendees that cannot afford to come even with our low student prices. For this purpose we have since 2016 started hosting a community evening event where everyone is welcome to attend and/or present.

The Community night event will start at 18.00 on Wednesday the 7:th of September. So make sure you are there then. There will be original talks, beer, friends and the customary chaos that ensues when an event type is tried for the first time.

The community night is geared towards students and people not directly working in the field that want to expand their knowledge and meet like minded individuals for an informative and interesting evening.

For 2016 there is a set list of speakers but anyone who would like to give a talk should contact the SEC-T organizers at [email protected].

Should any of the accepted speakers at the SEC-T conference want to give a community night talk they are always welcome to do so.

The community night talks will not be recorded or live streamed.

News presented at Spring Pub

Ticket sales is open

All tickets are now released for sale along with 50 cheaper early bird tickets. Remember, we ran out of tickets last year so don’t wait until the last moment to get yours.

Get your tickets here

Community night

As you can see SEC-T this September is three days. For the evening of Wednesday September 7:th we have decided to do a free event called the community night.

If you are a student and wish to make people interested in a project or an idea you have been working on, this is the event for you. Invite your friends and come do a professional presentation for them.

If you submitted a talk to the conference and you weren’t accepted, come and present you talk anyway.

If you are an accepted speaker and would like to share a talk on another subject please feel free to do so.

The same rules apply for community night talks, no commercial presentations, sales pitches or corporate bull.

The easiest way to submit something is still through our regular submission system, simply mark your talk as Community Night talk only.

CFP is still open

The Call For Papers is still open and we have submissions coming in. Until June 1:st you can modify your registered submission or withdraw it yourself. After June 1:st you would have to email us to make any changes, but we still accept submissions until the deadline of August 1:st.

All accepted talks are awarded an honorarium of 1000€ upon the presentation of the talks. For more information see our policy statements.