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12-15th of September 2023

Hacking Enterprises – 2023 Red Edition

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Updated for 2023, our Hacking Enterprises training is the natural counterpart to our popular Defending Enterprises course.

In this multi-layered offensive engagement, you will fully compromise a simulated enterprise in this immersive hands-on course that covers a multitude of TTP’s. Targeting modern operating systems including Windows 11, you’ll use modern techniques and focus on exploiting configuration weaknesses rather than throwing traditional exploits. Logical thinking and creativity will definitely be put to the test!

You will work to get initial access in a fictional organisation where multiple networks exist, some easily accessible, others not so. You’ll implant and establish C2, but manual techniques will always be emphasised so you’re equipped with the knowledge to work without reliance on frameworks.

Course content has been designed to reflect real-world challenges and you’ll perform numerous hands-on exercises including executing exploitative phishing campaigns against our simulated users for initial access, finding new networks that in turn bringing new challenges including IPv6 exploitation, subverting AMSI and AWL, passphrase cracking, pivoting, lateral movement, ADCS abuse, userland and privileged persistence via OOB channels and much more!

Course Contents

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Student Requirements

Also Included

We realise that training courses are limited for time and therefore students are also provided with the following:

Previous Training Locations

The 2023 version is currently taking registrations for Black Hat Asia and Black Hat USA. The 2022 version (and prior) training has been given at the following conferences.

Training Platform

All students have access to a training platform ( in which exercises are provided along with detailed instructions on how to achieve the task.

Figure 1: Landing page

Figure 1: Landing page

Examples of the exercise structure/layout can be seen in Figure 2 overleaf.

Figure 2: Exercise example

Figure 2: Exercise example

Twitter and Bio’s

Owen (@rebootuser) is a co-founder of, a specialist cyber security consultancy offering technical and training services based in the UK. He has a strong background in networking and IT infrastructure, with well over a decade of experience in technical security roles. Owen has provided technical training to a variety of audiences at bespoke events as well as Black Hat, Wild West Hackin’ Fest, NolaCon, 44CON, TROOPERS, BruCON and Hack in Paris. He keeps projects at

Will (@Stealthsploit) co-founded in 2018. Will’s been in infosec for over a decade and has helped secure many organisations through technical security services and training. Will’s delivered hacking courses globally at several conferences including Black Hat and has spoken at various conferences and events. Will also assists the UK government in various technical, educational and advisory capacities. Before Will was a security consultant he was an experienced digital forensics consultant and trainer.