(13)-15-16th of September 2022

Hacking Enterprises – 2022 Edition

Updated for 2022, this immersive hands-on course will allow you to fully compromise a simulated enterprise covering a multitude of TTP’s. The training is based around modern operating systems (including Windows 11), using modern techniques and emphasizing the exploitation of configuration weaknesses rather than throwing traditional exploits. This means logical thinking and creativity will definitely be put to the test.

Students will access a cloud-based LAB configured with multiple networks, some easily accessible, others not so. Course material and exercise content has been designed to reflect real-world challenges and students will perform numerous hands-on exercises including executing exploitative phishing campaigns against our simulated users to gain access to new networks, in turn bringing new challenges including IPv6 exploitation, subverting AMSI and AWL, passphrase cracking, pivoting, lateral movement, OOB persistence mechanisms and much more!

We also like to do things with a difference. You’ll be provided access to an in LAB Elastic instance, where logs from all targets get pushed and processed. This allows you, whether an attacker or defender, to understand the types of artefacts your attacks leave and how you might catch or be caught in the real word.

We know 2 days isn’t a lot of time, so you’ll also get 14-days FREE lab time after class, Discord access for support and access to a post-training CTF containing hosts and networks not seen during training!



Student Requirements


We realize that training courses are limited for time and therefore students are also provided with the following:

Previous Training Locations

The 2021 version (and prior) training has been given at the following conferences. We’re also currently selling seats at Black Hat USA 2022.

Trainer Profiles

Will (@Stealthsploit) co-founded in 2018. Will’s been in infosec since 2008 and has helped secure many organisations through technical security services and training. Will’s delivered hacking courses globally at several conferences including Black Hat and has spoken at various conferences and events. Will also assists the UK government in various technical, educational and advisory capacities. Before Will was a security consultant he was an experienced digital forensics consultant and trainer.

Owen (@rebootuser) is a co-founder of, a specialist UK based cyber security consultancy offering technical and training services.

Owen has a strong and varied background in numerous information technology fields, dating back to 2003. In the latter decade he has held roles and been involved in projects predominately focused around offensive and adversarial techniques; the insight from which has been key in keeping up-to-date with current trends to ensure skills remain sharp in an ever changing and developing field.

Owen has provided technical training to a variety of audiences at bespoke events and numerous security conferences. He keeps projects at