SEC-T - 0x10sion

10-13th of September 2024

What happened to 2020

2020 is a cancelled year.

Since SEC-T is a small, non profit event where all organizers are working for free on their spare time there was no way we could reorganize the conference to accommodate the chaos that is 2020.

We did look at doing an online event and providing training as normal, but since there is no way we can be sure flights are running, hotels are open, and teachers and students being able to even get to the venue we eventually realized it’s best to just pretend this year never existed.

Our plan right now is to put on a larger event as the spring pub if everything has started to calm down by April 2021, also next years conference is scheduled to run as normal.

We are lucky to have such a wonderful and understanding venue that lets us handle this year with minimum damage. So there is nothing preventing us expanding the conference even more next year to make up for the tragedy that is 2020.

We hope you stay safe and well until next year.


The SEC-T Organizers