SEC-T - 0x10sion

10-13th of September 2024

Conference Covid Planing

The following information is in regards to changes in SEC-T, its planning and execution due to the ongoing Covid pandemic. This is only valid if we are having a “Covid Year”

2021 was a “Covid year”.

2022 is NOT a “Covid year”.

Legal framework

From the first of July the Swedish government changed the legal requirements for tradeshows and conferences. Tradeshows and conferences that are public are now excluded from the laws of a maximum number of seated persons indoors as long as the venue is big enough in capacity to the number of people admitted. Instead the laws that applied to tivolies and markets are applied.

Given this new legal framework we have worked together with the venue to find the best way to organize a safe and secure event.

Unfortunately the rules also led to us having to reject several speakers this year simply because they were traveling from ‘high risk countries’ and likely would not have been let into Sweden.

Larger capacity venue and less tickets sold

This year we have booked ALL available rooms and spaces to make sure the event is covid safe. On top of last year we have booked two additional rooms that would have an increased capacity of an additional 500 people under normal circumstances.  This means that we have a normal tradeshow and conference capacity for up to 1500 persons. However since we have only sold 500 tickets that means that every attendee will have more than three times the normal space to avoid congestion. So in short, more space and less attendees. 

Additional seating and tv screens in all rooms so that you can watch the talks from anywhere

This year we have also invested in additional monitors in all areas so that the talks and activities are streamed to projectors and or large screen TVs with good audio quality. We have also worked with the venue to provide ample seating options. We have planned for more than two seats per attendee so the venue should not feel crowded.

Seated bar areas and Many small bars instead of one

To avoid congestion during mingling and between talks there will be three bars open One in the main area and on the ground floor as well as one on the venue one floor up. The serving regulation also states that you have to be seated while consuming food and beverages. This means that there will be three or potentially 4 separate areas for food and beverages consumption. You are free to buy your drink and refreshments at the bar but should then take a seat in one of the seating areas assigned.

More Food and drinks places – Please take a seat

2021 is not the year of the buffet that is for sure. To make the event more covid safe we have this year we opted to serve ready made plates for lunch, and wraps for Thursday night. Food will be served both on the main floor and in Riddarsalen (upstairs) and your badge will show where you should go to get your food. Again this is to be consumed seated so find some friends to sit with or make new ones.


Crowd monitoring devices (Trial)

To further avoid congestion we will trial a system for crowd self monitoring. These devices have cameras but do data processing onboard and calculate how many persons are in a given area in a given time alerting the attendees if an area is in risk of becoming overcrowded so that you can choose another area to enjoy the talks or drinks or food.


Hand sanitizers and masks and ventilation

There will be hand sanitizer stations provided throughout the venue and we recommend using them frequently. We have also made sure that the venue will maximize the ventilation during the event and will have windows open where possible. There will not be a mask mandate indoors but if you want to use a mask you are of course free to do so.


No club or dance floors 🙁

Unfortunately it will not be possible to do any sort of club scene or live acts this year as dancing and alcohol in combination is seen as the worst combination for spreading viruses. Please sit down…


Streamlined registration

This year’s registration has been extended to open earlier in the morning and will have two separate lanes with two separate streams and two separate stairs to take you up to the main floor of the conference. We will also have more scanners than last year and we think this will greatly decrease the risk of congestion. To further minimize congestion and contact we have this year opted to not provide goodie bags to our attendees. So basically just show your QR-code, get a badge and continue walking up the stairs. If you have special meal requirements there will be a separate desk at registration open during the entire conference where you will get your special meal vouchers.

On the attendee ecosystem

We know that everyone is eager to finally meet people and mingle again and we are all responsible for making this event a safe and fun event. Even with all the precautions we have taken, in the end, it’s all of our responsibility to make the event covid safe. Therefore we would ask you to please adhere to the following guidelines


Last but not least Have fun!


The SEC-T Organizers