SEC-T - 0x0Beyond

September 13-14, 2018 – Stockholm, Sweden

Call For Papers

0x0Beyond SEC-T 2018 CFP is CLOSED

The SEC-T Organizer team is proud to announce the start of the 2018 call for papers for the 11th anniversary for the annual SEC-T Conference in Stockholm, Sweden.

This Call for Papers extends to both the main conference and the preceding community night event.

What and When

SEC-T is an non-profit, English speaking, two day, single track information security conference taking place in late summer every year in Stockholm, Sweden. At SEC-T we focus on providing our audience with high quality talks and in depth “QnA” with speakers. SEC-T is a conference where you can feel safe from sales pitches and marketing presentations as we have a large focus on our speakers research and first person accounts.

The speaker slots on our schedule are either 30 minutes (SmallTalk) or 60 minutes (Talk), where the latter contains a 15 minutes moderated question and answers session (QnA).

The SEC-T conference is divided into three separate parts; the SEC-T2ion, the Community Night event, and the SEC-T conference:

All events take place at the venue Anrika Nalen in Stockholm, Sweden.

For more information on our events, the organization and our mission statement read

What content do we like

We are a single track conference that has focuses on highly technical content in a multitude of fields of computer security. Since we are a single track conference talk slots are limited and we are therefore not likely to feature several talks covering the same subject.

Some of our most popular subjects in the past has included Malware reverse engineering, Radio attacks cryptography as well as System specific hacking techniques including mainframes and SAP systems.

What we need

To be considered for a speaker slot at SEC-T you need to send an email to [email protected] providing us with the following information:

  1. Contact information for you and any joint speaker you require for your presentation. (email, phone, twitter and “preferred name” when referencing you in announcements and schedule.)
  2. A short description (<6 sentences) of who you are (bio) that we are permitted to publish in case of your acceptance.
  3. A short description (<6 sentences) of your content that we are permitted to publish in case of your acceptance
  4. A longer description of your content for our understanding of your research material and presentation format for our consideration. This could contain any papers, articles or presentation material you have created that will help us understand your content.
  5. References, if any, to other talks you have given, articles published or videos of previous presentations for our consideration.
  6. The location you would be traveling from.
  7. Technical requirements for making your presentation.
  8. The preferred length of your talk (30 min SmallTalk or 45+15 min Talk)
  9. Are you willing to present your talk at the community night?
  10. Are you willing to have your talk recorded and/or live streamed?
  11. Are you interested in also having a lightning talk slot (max 15 minutes) if one is available? (Can be on any topic)

All material must be presented to us in English.

What you receive

As an accepted speaker you will of course always be provided with any required travel between your location and the venue as well as accommodations during the conference* (12-14:th of September). You will also have food and drinks included for the duration of your stay.

At SEC-T you are also a paid speaker, an honorary of 1000€ is paid out to every talk that presents at the main conference (This does not include speakers only presenting at the community night).

*  To minimize or eliminate the hassle of handling expenses SEC-T prefers to make all travel and living arrangements.

The Schedule

The submission deadlines are:

  1. First acceptance round of speakers starts on June 1:st.
  2. Second acceptance round of speakers starts on July 1:st
  3. Third and final acceptance round of speakers starts August 1:st.

To ensure your submission is considered it must be made before August 1:st, and to increase your chances of being selected as a speaker it is recommended that your submission is made before June 1:st or July 1:st. Acceptance rounds usually takes less than a week to complete, submissions made before July 1:st will automatically be considered for the August 1:st round as well.

As a speaker you will be notified that we have received your submission and when we have come to a decision regarding your participation.

Be sure to indicate if you also can consider giving your talk at the Community Night Event. Speakers accepted for giving a talk at the community night are automatically considered as backup speakers for the SEC-T conference. A backup speaker giving a talk at the conference grants that speaker the regular 1000€ honorary.


All official communication between speakers and the SEC-T organizers will be handled through the [email protected].

Once you are accepted as a speaker, travel and accommodations will be handled by one of the organizers.