SEC-T - 0x10sion

10-13th of September 2024

Call for Teachers

SEC-T2ion 2024 CFT is CLOSED

The SEC-T Organizer team is proud to announce the start of the 2024 call for teachers for the SIXTH annual SEC-T2ion workshop training event in Stockholm, Sweden.

This Call for Teachers extends to teachers of one day or two day trainings that would like to organize classes in conjunction with the annual SEC-T information security conference. This year we are looking to fill 3-6 separate tracks.

What and When

SEC-T is a non-profit, English speaking, two day, information security conference taking place in Stockholm, Sweden. At SEC-T we focus on providing our audience with high quality talks with large focus on speakers’ research and first person accounts, so you can feel safe from sales pitches and marketing presentations.

The SEC-T conference is divided into three separate parts:

All events take place at the venue; Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm, Sweden.

The SEC-T2ion trainings can span over one or two whole days and we can handle no more than six simultaneous classes.

Classes will have an enrollment of no less than four and no more than 15 students, and the students will be required to have or state their prerequisite skills in accordance with your wishes.

For more information on our events, the organization and our mission statement see

What we need

To be considered for a speaker slot at SEC-T you need to send an email to [email protected] providing us with the following information:

  1. Contact information for you and any joint speaker you require for your presentation. (email, phone, twitter and “preferred name” when referencing you in announcements and schedule.)
  2. Country you would be traveling from (and if you think you need a VISA for traveling)
  3. Name of training course
  4. A short description (<6 sentences) of who you are (bio) that we are permitted to publish in case of your acceptance.
  5. A short description (<6 sentences) of your content that we are permitted to publish in case of your acceptance
  6. A longer description of your content for our understanding of your research material and presentation format for our consideration. This could contain any papers, articles or education material you have created that will help us understand your content.
  7. References, if any, to this or other workshops you have taught including articles and reviews written about these..
  8. The location you would be traveling from.
  9. Technical requirements for holding and for attending your classes.
  10. The preferred length of your workshop class (One or Two days)
  11. The preferred dates of your training (10th and/or 11th of September)
  12. Student Prerequisites, do the students need any specific (rare) knowledge or have passed another class before attending?
  13. Are you also planning on applying as a speaker for the conference?

All material must be presented to us and the students in English.

Please put: “SEC-T2ion class proposal” as your email subject.

What you receive

Teachers will be reimbursed with a fixed amount per student above the minimum student count. We can take care of any travel and accommodation arrangements as well as printing of material. More detailed discussions and planning regarding payments will be done on a per teacher basis. (A standard class of 15 students will generally mean you can invoice us between 5.000 – 20.000€ minus costs like travel and accommodation if you want us to arrange this for you.)

The Schedule

The submission deadlines are:

  1. First acceptance round of SEC-T2ion class submissions will start on April 1:st
  2. Final acceptance round of SEC-T2ion class submissions will start on June 1:st

In order to ensure a full class enrollment send us material at your earliest convenience.


All official communication between speakers and the SEC-T organizers will be handled through the [email protected]