SEC-T - 0x10sion

10-13th of September 2024

Community Event

Attention! If you have a project, a hack space, a group or a community and are planning to or wanting to participate in  2018 SEC-T 0x0Beyond

If you are coming to the event

This year we have booked an additional room (Stacken) especially for the participating community. If you are participating in any community projects and would like to promote or demonstrate what you are all about, bring it, flyers about it, stickers or just yourself. There will be tables, a lounge area, some games and sponsors can bring APA (Audience Participation Apparatus’) and the SEC-T gadget sales will be there too.

The conference stream will be online in the room that you may watch the talks while participating in the CTF, working or showing off your project to others.

If you are not able to make it to Stockholm

You may participate with an event where you live, just like the community room at the venue, the stream will be available online so that anyone can create a local community event.

If you need any assistance doing this you should contact us and we might be able to provide you with stuff or at least promotional help.

Our plan is to have you able organize an event where you live, where you can watch the live stream, pose questions for the speakers, participate in the challenges etc.

There will be some few talks that will not be recorded or live streamed, during these talks you can organize your own talks locally to integrate with the stream.

The live stream will be looped after the day is over in case time differences made it difficult for you to synchronize with our CET-centric schedule.

email to [email protected] if you are interested in participating in this experiment or share this information with the organizers of your local hackspace.


Should you be totally unable to participate apart from watching the livestream, but still want to promote your community effort, send us an email and we might be able to help you at least get stickers or flyers onto the tables anyway. 😉