9-10th of September 2021

Dark side ops 2: Adversary simulation training

Dark Side Ops 2: Adversary Simulation is the combination of sophisticated, red team trade craft and cutting-edge, offensive development to simulate real-world adversary activities. Challenge yourself to move beyond reliance on the typical “low-hanging exploitable fruit” from 1999 and start thinking, persisting, pivoting, and operating like a sophisticated adversary. Application whitelisting got you down? No problem. Can’t catch that callback? Been there. No touching disk? No worries. Dark Side Ops 2: Adversary Simulation helps participants up their offensive game by sharing the latest in initial access and post-exploitation, defensive countermeasure bypasses, and unique malware code execution techniques.

Dark Side Ops 2: Adversary Simulation builds on Silent Break Security’s Dark Side Ops: Custom Penetration Testing training by furthering participants’ abilities to think, operate, and develop tools just like sophisticated, real-world attackers. If you want to

  1. build confidence in your offensive approach and capabilities,
  2. learn about and implement the techniques of stealthy malware and backdoors, and
  3. achieve the operational results of a sophisticated adversary, then Dark Side Ops 2: Adversary Simulation is for you.

Dark Side Ops 2: Adversary Simulation provides participants with hands-on labs over an intense, two-day course.